Ellesmere Port Cultural Learning Exchange

An initiative drawn together by Curious Minds, Theatre Porto and C Change, the North West Creativity Collaborative – with St. Bernards RC Primary as lead school.

From the 2012 Henley Review of Cultural Education it was clear that schools are the first and often only, places where children and young people have experiences of culture and creative practices. This makes them pivotal for our work. We know schools do not always have the resources, either human or fiscal, to give pupils and students the opportunities they would wish to in  order to fully ensure a broad and balanced curriculum and the development of cultural capital.

The Durham Report (2019) focussed on the value of creativity in schools and to that end set up a small number Creativity Collaboratives across the country. Ellesmere Port is home to one of eight such collaboratives.

The EPCLE will work with schools to provide varied opportunities for school communities-including senior leaders, teaching and support staff, pupils and students and families to participate in arts, cultural and creative activities in their own locality through a place based programme.

For more details please email info@epculturalexchange.org or visit the padlet here Ellesmere Port Cultural Learning Exchange padlet